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Preparation and implementation of art exhibitions and intercultural projects - more than 120 projects since 2005

Thomas Tyllack has been active for over forty years in the field of art. In 1981 he graduated from The Berlin School of Art with a degree in sculpture. For many years he dedicated himself to the free artistic work. Several years he worked as a researcher in the field of heritage conservation. Moreover he is experienced in handling commercial and administrative matters.

In 2005 he took over the job of founding the Art Center Berlin Friedrichstrasse. The Art Center Berlin with more than 3000m² of exhibition space on seven floors had become one of the largest forum for exhibitions of contemporary art in Berlin. During the five years of exhibition presentation (till the closing in February 2010) Thomas Tyllack has organized more than 100 exhibition projects at the Art Center Berlin as the managing director and frequently also as curator.

Today, the focus of his activities is on the international art and cultural exchange and the promotion of intercultural dialogue. The spectrum ranges from organizing exhibitions and international competitions up to activities in international organizations.

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