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Journey into the open Get Luder Bill Viola - Five Angel's for the Milenium For Gods Only The Wave Made in China The Mythology of Aranmula Metal Mirror Diplo Menari - Sound of Korea DOC TALK - Views on Vermeer
Nominated 2011: Journey into the open, Severin Vogl & Felix Hentschel, Germany,
Winner 2011: Get Luder, Director: Jonathan Carr, Producer: Chris Marks, Plainview Films, United Kingdom
Nominated 2011: Bill Viola - Five Angel's for the Milenium by Ralph Goertz / IKS, Germany
Winner 2011: For Gods Only by Hannes Schmid / Switzerland
Nominated 2011: The Wave, Script and Direction by Santanu Halder / Bangladesh
Winner 2011: Made in China, J. R. Carlos / Director, Producer, A. Hu / Producer, H. Perez / Writer, USA/China
Nominated 2011: The Mythology of Aranmula Metal Mirror, Venu Nair / Visile TV Professionals, India
Nominated 2011: Diplo, Wing-Yee Wu / Director, Producer, Editor, Sweden
Winner 2011: Menari - Sound of Korea, Kim Jeong-Gil, Producer / South Korea
Winner 2011: DOC TALK - with Views on Vermeer Director Koos DeWilt, produced by B. Rubinow , USA

Delphic Art Movie Award

The DELPHIC ART MOVIE AWARD (DAMA) is a worldwide short film contest for professionals and students of filmmaking. Welcome are documentaries (duration 10 minutes, incl. extracts of full-length documentaries) about the fascination of arts and cultures. Main aspects are contemporary art, cultural heritage and intercultural dialogue.

"Discover, understand, enjoy arts and cultures through documentaries - show the fascination of art! Under this motto the Delphic Art Movie Award is dedicated to short documentaries from around the world related to the topics of art and cultures which represent the wide range of artistic creativity, cultural diversity and extend the idea of the documentary art form." - Thomas Tyllack, Initiator & Director of the Delphic Art Movie Award

As a result of Thomas Tyllack's activity as advisor to the IDC (until 2015), the International Delphic Council (IDC) became the host of the award ceremony for the first Delphic Art Movie Award 2011 in Berlin. The award ceremony took place in the Palais am Funkturm.

Here you find a short presentation of the Delphic Art Movie Award

Delphic Art Movie Award - Logo