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upcoming exhibition at 'art place berlin':

Uni-Korea Art Exhibition - From Baekdu to Halla

Uni-Korea Art Exhibition - CHOE, Myong Su

Female Divers - oil painting by CHOE, Myong Su, 2012, 162 x 348cm

past exhibition at 'art place berlin'

'Artistic Reality and Unreality in 3 Dimensions' - 3D-Art based on three-dimensional photography by Marek Saenderski

Immerse yourself in the fascinating 3D photo art of Marek Saenderski and enjoy the 3D-images below with a simple 3D-glasses. Visit the exhibition at 'art place berlin' and see these works as large-format prints (about 150 x 100cm)!
Marek Saenderski - Iceland-Lagoon Fjallsárlón Glacier Lagoon – Iceland, 3D-photograph by Marek Saenderski

Marek Saenderski - Because-everyone-goes-there Because everyone goes there, 3D-composition by Marek Saenderski